Sunday, April 29, 2007

sonic prayer

I'm pretty psyched out of my fuckin mind because I think I'm going to get a chance to see Earthless for their record release show May 17th @ The Casbah in San Diego. Their album "RHYTHMS FROM A COSMIC SKY" comes out that day on Tee Pee Records . You can READ more about them on the Tee Pee site (and preorder). I could convince you with a bio and words of their past endeavours but how about I just say that if you want to be epically slayed into a land of rolling hills where you're thrown into black forests where the trees have knobby hands grabbing and clawing at your clothing as it is torn of your limbs and freedom arrives as the vibrations of awesome sink into every pore then you should listen to/buy/go see Earthless.


Sarah said...

me i want toooooo--sounds DIVINE

Sara T said...

i'll buy their cd for the store if they have it at the show! (which they should i donno why they wouldn't !!) :D :D