Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

blow some cash on a streetwalker

"Kevin Scalzo - Recent Paintings & Drawings"

Opening reception this coming Friday @ one of my favorite comic book shops in town SECRET HEADQUARTERS aka where I blow some serious wads of ca$h YAY!!!

Friday, October 24th, 8-10pm
at Secret Headquarters
3817 W Sunset Blvd
LA CA 90026

bounce means bounce

My homeboy from FREEGUMS Alvaro put some serious ass jams in this new installment in his DANCE SERIOUS SERIES. I just made that last part up "DANCE SERIOUS SERIES" altho I may need to use that. I carry his tshirts...he's one seriously original cat. He's wearing some of em in the video. MIAMI BASED!!! I hope I get to see him when I head that way end of December. That's that. (ADD HIS YOUTUBE)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i go to these shows and just pray for a metal dude to notice me

Remember how I said I thought Summer was over cause I wasn't posting any flyers anymore? I lied.
can you not read that flyer? okay just click on it
brought to you be Tee Pee Records + LA RECORD

yes this is los angeles

Brian throws some mean shade + two years ago when I desperately wanted a shirt
he gave me a MAD discount + sent it to me. He gets bigass Ehugs.

stop sendin me naughty bits franey

My friend Frane was like "I'm going to this disco party" and I said "Yea show me the flyer" and he said "It's in my pocket" which is perfect cause it's a disco party and it should be all be IN THE POCKET. But he offered to find the "ELECTRONIC" one for me so here it is.

This Wednesday.
Tom Noble is hosting who reissues 45s on his label Lotus Land
@ LITTLE TEMPLE // Silverlake

choose chinatown emblazoned

This part of town has pretty much been friendly times ten to me. It's where I've dj'ed and spent a lot of weekends since I moved here (@ The Mountain Bar) + the kids @ Welcome Hunters + Lions Den are A+. One of the shops listed could use a little more friendly community vibe but I guess that flys for some people. As for the rest...I'm down.

So, like: do it!?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

put down that velvet blanket & i will do u

wme 10_16_08 WEB, originally uploaded by dimitridickinson.


This is my friend Dimitri from Booty Bassment. He lives tween or with or somehow around both SD/SF I think due to him being a grownup and getting to do whatever the fuck he wants like eat cereal 24/7 if he damn well feels like it and also his brother lives up in SF along with some guy I really liked but he was a dumb dj and hurt my feelings (not Dimitri but just some dude).


toothy, originally uploaded by ichigopop.

<3's to Kate whom I'm unsure if she loves me as much as I do her.

give up

give up, originally uploaded by demisphere.

train twisted walk long but hard

I think summer had the parties coming and they're sort of winding down. Less flyers for me to throw your way or something. Of course my life doesn't really change it will probably be just the same number of everythings because I'm a grownup and as a grownup I've chosen summer vacay 24/7. This leads to summer like romances that repeat themselves in the same patterns into Fall.