Friday, November 30, 2007

the only type that actually keeps my attention

The Art of Johnny Ryan

johnny ryan aka the best and one of my favorites
tonight (and up all month) in LA
3817 w. Sunset blvd
Los Angeles, California 90026

He is responsible for Angry Youth Comix with my favorite being Blecky. <---sample strips!

ayo i'm tired of using technology

Monday, November 19, 2007

when walking alone it becomes kind of romantic

On display in the gallery are pictures from the book Punk 365 by Holly George-Warren. They'll be up til December 30th and you should go look at them if you care about anything. Theresa Kereakes has some photos innit and she's phenomenal times ten. The link is her blog and you should go read it.

The gallery is in the back of this shop I heard all about but kept driving by and never stopped at. Now I will be stopping at Wacko. Yay! For a moment I felt the interior of my next place floating all around the insides of this place The staff was incredibly nice and I got to catch up with Lee who I officially hadn't seen for three years and we realized this because he quit smoking on our last adventure of thrifting in Arizona. He found a Bowie press kit and I found some amazing southwestern jewelry. My boots melted on the pavement there it was disgustingly hot. I also found one record that I held onto but put it back deciding I didn't want to carry it on the plane back to Denver and I've been kicking myself since (I have few regrets) because it was Wind in the Willows which was Deborah Harry's first band. Lee, of course knew this, snatched it up with no regrets. RATS.

Friday, November 16, 2007

any other fool can see

i've been blind and i just can't live without you

it was a mix tape i never figured out

Georgie James || Need Your Needs
Directed by Eric Cheevers and Scott Mueller
my friend john (used to drum for q and not u...and maybe he's tired of that coming after his name?) had to jump off a tour because he wasn't feeling so hot (he was about to head out with aqueduct) which of course sucks. i actually was going to see them two times...once in LA and again in Denver. Either way there are plans for March to tour again and in the meantime this video just came out! He's in Georgie James! LOVE.

the love of those hills i saw captured in her pictures

Linda McCartney || Love's Full Glory
produced by Tony Visconti
Visconti says "' Linda was great to work with, her musicianship amazed me - she came a long way by the time I'd worked with her. As a note of interest my ex-wife Mary Hopkin and Lena Lovich sang backing vocals for Linda.''

walking on the lawn of wealthy people

Box Office Poisen || Checkmate

Monday, November 5, 2007

pussy pussy ride

this is more like it
tim tim milan vs. kiddy aga vs. unique prodigy

hold that pose

foxy milan vs. riki allure
@ rumble ball 6

let's take off our masks

on my way back from LAX || skullphone

Friday, November 2, 2007

get down to the nitty gritty

siyoung is plastic little's abfutabulouso dj. he just laid out this new mix and i've been enjoying it delightfully. hit him up on myspace and tell him how awesome he is. and fucking add plastic little you hear? get the mix here:


1 Chicken on a stick intro - welcome to birdland
2 Pull up to the bumper - Siyoung - DJ Unk accapella
3 I'm so horny - Siyoung - Mousse T accapella
4 Pull Up to my bumper - Grace Jones / Larry Levan - Siyoung's So fuckin Disco Edit
5 So Fuckin Disco - Pase Rock - Siyoung's Disco times Infinity Edit
6 Shake 'n Pop - Green Velvet - Siyoung's More Cowbell re-rub
7 Shake 'n Pop - Mini-lude - Siyoung
8 1-800 Grustlin / Flat Beat - Plastic Little vs. Mr. Oizo
9 Dwight Yoakem's Automatic Lover (paradise mix) - Siyoung vs. Blaqstarr / DJ Eli
10 Backyard Betty - Spank Rock - Siyoung's Sexaphone Rmx
11 Strokin' - Dynasty
12 Deep in the Jungle - Siyoung - Grandmaster Flash Accapella
13 Grape Drink - Siyoung
14 Seeds - Plastic Little

click to the middle and do that dance

leonard de leonard wrote me a few weeks back lettin me know about his new video and i was in between airports and smoke blowing my way from the cali hills so i delayed. but let's get serious shall we? this video jams its and i've been putting his musicage into recent mixes i've been hashing out.