Friday, August 31, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007

touch ankle in a wooden carriage

Design for Living || 1933

try sky reach down to the baublets of wood

arizona maybe new mexico and the flower shop near the vegan place on sunset?

you did not

it's incredible every grace jones interview i saw from the 80s it seems like she's coming off as defensive but every time, in reality, she is just correcting the facts and the assumptions that these men are making about her/women.

like a surgeon

adam curry let's you win a commodore 64

dance around the world

Richenel || L'Esclave Endormi
video by Joop and Richenel 1985

Saturday, August 11, 2007

hedo bow and sparrow

peach ice dreams

Sabrina Salerno - Boys (Summertime Love)
bring me a pina coloda to the poolside stat

silver ripple breathe

if i could sit around and watch the effects of waterlike behaviour all day i would

large grey squares overtaking us

this is from 93 so keep that in mind when you hear the music
i.e. this post is for the animation
by future crew

this is a demo from Assembly which happens in Helsinki, Finland.

define "Assembly":: ASSEMBLY is a computer festival, a demo party and a LAN party all rolled into one. It is four day party running 24h/day for computer hobbyists.