Monday, April 30, 2007

i like the way that you move

i've been making googly eye pendants so when i came upon the googly eye cru based out of Brooklyn you know i was happy. how could i not be? the pictures explain themself and here's 4 questions with them...

1. How far have your eyes traveled to be stuck up?

We've been to japan, hong kong, canada, all over the us, mexico, puerto rico.

2. Do you give out your stickers or are you private about who you share them with?

We totally share them. The whole point is to animate the world. So many people are interested it's starting to get to expensive for us to give them away so we are going to start to sell sticker and pin packages.
3. Show me one of your favorites?

My favoriate is the one where we put it on the bottom of a bums feet that was passed out infront of nublu on ave's on our myspace pics

4. Google eye muses?

Cyclops :) and survivor...eye of the tiger baby.

HERE's their myspace...

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