Monday, April 30, 2007

on the telly

Artwork: Akroe photo: Dimitri Costes

Teki just released a teaser clip for the upcoming video for Les Matins de Paris. Video concept by Camille Bovier Lapierre & Akroe. Full clip comes out in May! Add him on myspace...

give it to me

Alex Israel just brought this song to my attention and I kept playing it and playing it and of course I had to find it on youtube. The end. But really I'm saying you should go listen to Alex's music mmkay? He's been playing out in Detroit a bit. GO HERE (it's techno people)

i like the way that you move

i've been making googly eye pendants so when i came upon the googly eye cru based out of Brooklyn you know i was happy. how could i not be? the pictures explain themself and here's 4 questions with them...

1. How far have your eyes traveled to be stuck up?

We've been to japan, hong kong, canada, all over the us, mexico, puerto rico.

2. Do you give out your stickers or are you private about who you share them with?

We totally share them. The whole point is to animate the world. So many people are interested it's starting to get to expensive for us to give them away so we are going to start to sell sticker and pin packages.
3. Show me one of your favorites?

My favoriate is the one where we put it on the bottom of a bums feet that was passed out infront of nublu on ave's on our myspace pics

4. Google eye muses?

Cyclops :) and survivor...eye of the tiger baby.

HERE's their myspace...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

sonic prayer

I'm pretty psyched out of my fuckin mind because I think I'm going to get a chance to see Earthless for their record release show May 17th @ The Casbah in San Diego. Their album "RHYTHMS FROM A COSMIC SKY" comes out that day on Tee Pee Records . You can READ more about them on the Tee Pee site (and preorder). I could convince you with a bio and words of their past endeavours but how about I just say that if you want to be epically slayed into a land of rolling hills where you're thrown into black forests where the trees have knobby hands grabbing and clawing at your clothing as it is torn of your limbs and freedom arrives as the vibrations of awesome sink into every pore then you should listen to/buy/go see Earthless.

beam me

(click for above for a larger image)

04.29.07 || Playlist

today's playlist in no particular order

Gil Scott-Heron || We Almost Lost Detroit
Gwen McRae || 90% of Me Is You
Bee Gees || How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
Culture Club || Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
James Brown and The Famous Flames || It's a Man's Man's Man's World
Danava || Ashtray In A Manger
Lavender Diamond || You Broke My Heart

if you want a copy email me saratea (at) gmail (dot) com

Saturday, April 28, 2007

read my mind

stand back

oh stevie. sometimes i try and imagine what it would have been like to tour with her then.
i wanna be the keyboard player just playing those three notes.

Friday, April 27, 2007

pool boy

chris elliot || poolside ecstasy

Thursday, April 26, 2007

two whole people who believe in you

when i think of the perfect woman i think bernadette peters.
i also think this video has the most perfect colors



i swear i will smile more than then

origami by sipho mabona. his flickr is interesting and explains quite a bit. he also likes to make paper airplanes.

rub on my monkey

i gotta say i am super hyped that perez hilton has taken to yo majesty. makes a girl smile.

they have tons of new tour dates up for june. shit is poppin!!

Jun 1 2007 8:00P
w/ CSS @ Irving Plaza - all ages New York, New York
Jun 2 2007 9:00P
w/ CSS @ the Middle East - 18+ Cambridge, Massachusetts
Jun 6 2007 8:00P
@ Dagobert Quebec City, Quebec
Jun 7 2007 8:00P
@ The Academy Club Montreal, Quebec
Jun 8 2007 8:00P
@ Babylon Ottawa, Quebec
Jun 9 2007 8:00P
@ The Drake Toronto, Ontario
Jun 11 2007 8:00P
@ Casbah San Diego, California
Jun 12 2007 8:00P
@ Cinespace Los Angeles, California
Jun 14 2007 8:00P
@ Beauty Bar Austin, Texas
Jul 5 2007 8:00P
w/ DJ Funk @ The Club at Firestone Orlando, Florida
Jul 15 2007 8:00P
@ Empty Bottle Chicago, Illinois
Aug 11 2007 8:00P
@ Oya Festival Oslo

breakin up is the hard

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

yes please

this is just about the best outfit i have seen in a long time.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


this is klaxons. i just saw them. i have some video too. i should put that up.
(click above for a larger image)

boom boom klak!

everything team shadetek touches turns to ear gold.

Team Shadetek feat. 77Klash & Jahdan || Brooklyn Anthem

for whom does the bell toll

rinse. repeat. bells tick up down. go listen to magill's ghazel in my garden...the whole shebang will be digitally released Summer of 2007 on Brilliante Records .

today's color gradient pattern by jimmy edgar


by jimmy edgar

Monday, April 23, 2007

the following is not a test

these pictures are from my favorite record store People's Records in Detroit. this store has increased my bass and miami collection by i don't know how many fold. many fold! they are so nice to me. once they called me and said they got some records in they knew i would like and they played them for me on the phone. everytime i'm there i walk out with 50-75 records. they hired someone to handpaint all of the 45 boxes. i love handpainted lettering...and the colors! perfect.
People's Records
615 W Forest Ave
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 831-0864

chalk on the sidewalk jump into your picture

i've been into ceramicey looking things and flowers.
jeff koons || mound of flowers || 1991

(click above for larger image)
flower pin i made out of sculpey. $32 || shipping free || pay pal chielle (at) att (dot) net

this is an arrangement i made for my friend robin. if you want one pick a color pallette i'll make you an arrangement. some extra pieces i can add feathers, birds, paper sculpture...depending on what you want to spend determines the size and amount of flowers i use. also i can make corsages or those wristbands (i LOVE making those!)


gah how pretty is dita in the may issue of harper's bazaar?

Sunday, April 22, 2007


this is the song i have on repeat today: Untitled Melody by Orange Juice from the album You Can't Hide Your Love Forever

You're so transparent I can guess without question
You need something or other to cover your expression
I bought you some sunspecs from the local hipsters store
I need you more or less, you need me more and more
I'm so transparent you can guess without question
I need something or other to cover my expression
Buy me some sunspecs like the ones you wore
From the local hipsters store
You need me more or less, I need you more and more

Saturday, April 21, 2007

me wanty

i want this shirt. its by the TheSickKids™ . found it on goldielock's page. she rules too...go listen
actually...she's playin tonight in berlin @ a lady sov afterthing:

i am somebody

fafi has designed some bags for lesportsac. here's a video of the launch party:

in the background of the video plays I Am Somebody (thats the link to the I Am Somebody video) by DJ Medhi feat Chromeo (Chromeo, who I saw standing outside the 120 days show at SXSW and I was like DANNNNG who's that?) Fafi sang on a DJ Medhi track last year. He's gonna be at Coachella.

Friday, April 20, 2007

so u go

a new video diary from my florida trip. music by mathhead

Thursday, April 19, 2007

puff the magic

i'm working on a flyer that has water yelling while its pouring out from a faucet. i like when inanimate things come alive and start dancing/talking/yelling etc etc. for instance like this...steam!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ship of dreams

i'm sleepy. this song is in my head.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

whizz pop!

la bise aux hippies || brigitte bardot
i find this to be sweetly awkward. i can't imagine how many people tried to capture and recreate the vibe of "hippies".

bonnie & clyde || brigitte bardot & serge gainsbourg
could two humans possibly be any sexier?

ps brigitte bardot foundation for the welfare and protection of animals

over the river

my penpal mike ninai (gaming developer from finland) was just in LA collecting footage for a documentary (i believe? or maybe a video) of lady skaters. this is patiane freitas:

mike has a youtube channel...and so do i actually!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

boogie bugle flu

boswell sisters 1932 singing heebie jeebies

i love songs that are 1:36 long.

brox sisters singing falling in love again

here's a quote from a youtube clip:
"Before the Andrews Sisters, before the Boswell Sisters, one of the first sister recording acts were the Brox Sisters. Virtually unknown today, the Brox Sisters were the premiere sister singing group of the 1920s. They starred on Broadway in the Ziegfeld Follies and the Music Box Revue shows."

i want to find out what the name of which boswell sister is on the left in that first video...

sound salvation

the free yr radio tour is a series of benefits for small radio stations that kicks off tomorrow with klaxons in chicago. man man will be playing at the urban outfitters in boulder to benefit a station i volunteer for KGNU . i didn't think or know if man man would ever come to the area. apparently they are visiting twice in the next few months! the soonest one being at the apparently revived club 156...awesomes.

the full free yr radio dates:
April 15th: Klaxons || Chicago, IL
April 24th: The Ponys || Lawrence, KS
April 28th: VoxTrot || Houston, TX
May 1st: The Long Winters || Seattle, WA
May 9th: Annuals || Durham, NC
May 19th: Man Man || Boulder, CO
May 21st: The Rapture || Philadelphia, PA
May 25th: Roguewave || Santa Cruz, CA
June 5th: Tapes 'N' Tapes || Minneapolis, MN
June 11th: Dinosaur Jr. || Cambridge, MA

Friday, April 13, 2007

you broke my heart

Miranda July Book Tour:
May 15th: Los Angeles || Hammer Musuem
May 16th: San Fran || Modern Times
May 17th: Seattle || Neumo's
May 18th: Portland || First Unitarian Church
May 22nd: New York || 192 Books

Here is the new website for her book No One Belongs Here More Than You. The website is done on dry erase marker on appliances. The first time I saw Miranda was when she was on tour with IQU (ICU) and Halo Benders 1998 or 97. IQU and Miranda July have a joint record which you have to check out if you like awesome is one of my favorite records. ever. IQU was my first interviews. (I will look for the cassette to transcribe) I had never seen a band live like a small warehouse space. A blend of "electronic and indie" which I understand might make you puke now but in 97 it blew my mind. That is the night I fell in love with Calvin's voice. But that story is for another time.

IQU w/ Miranda July || Girls On Dates
you can buy it for 6 bucks from the k records store HERE

ps: i'm listening to lavender diamond

Thursday, April 12, 2007

even after eating buckets of peeps

i still want one of these
photo by fenlandsnapper on flickr

i'd like to be a traveling sideshow

this is pig dyke molly @ the ely folk festival

after unconciously exploring upon this clip on youtube of the Whittlesey Straw Bear Festival i went to the favorites of the person who posted it and saw them trouncin' around...

photo by fenlandsnapper on flickr

random outfit #041207

yes to:
1. grey
2. leopard print
3. pastel ascots
4. insane bearded climbing men on the above?
5. heart bling

6. loud+louder rings

random accessories:
ex: 3+4
ex: 5+6

big fame

hello yum.

saw these guys opening for m.i.a. at wmc 2005. live=amazing. "these guys"= sa-ra . they have a new page up in myspaceland for their new album "the hollywood recordings" which lands april 24th. i haven't heard it. clearly some stuff has gone down for them since i saw them last in miami...they have some big names on this like talib kweli & more. turns out this release is a result of a 2 year program set up by kanye called G.O.O.D. or getting out our dreams which is also the label home of common and john legend. ok damn...i had no idea they got swooped up.
here's their usual myspace for older tracks...(hearts to "starwarz")

uh hello: taz arnold's style is right on my track:

yes please

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


i bought these at the dollar store. for 4 dollars of course because dollar stores aren't dollar stores anymore. i have been looking for OVER A YEAR for the perfect slippers. these are the ones for me.

it might shoot


hands up. i just listened to j dilla's "the money" on repeat like 25 times. i could have said 100 but why lie. 25 did me good.