Tuesday, December 23, 2008

the first photo was actually taken without me realizing it (til after)

Tomorrow or the day after I'm goin back to Florida. Last time I was there apparently I was rolling around on the beach in white boots. Or something. I remember some muscle car too and a producer who had a girlfriend and I was bummed. Then I went to some Baby Phat party where Mr. Simmons showed up INSTEAD of Kimora which is totally unacceptable and apparently this was before their divorce or seperation or whatever they're going thru. I don't say that lightly I know it's probably hard for them :( . If you don't know me you might think I'm being sarcastic, but I'm not.

This is the "set" for Miami ink where my friend and I went in around 11pm on a Friday after hours cause his homeboy doesn't want to be filmed and still works at night. This was where I got the pink heart tattoo on my right ta ta all Marie Antoinette style or as I imagined Marie Antoinette to have a little pink heart pooching out of her chest all fancy like. Yea that's me. Cept this little pink tattoo didn't heal quite right because it's kind of a portion of a pink heart that I have to fill in with a lipstick pencil and whenever guys see it not filled in I mention that I'm going to get it touched up and they always say, "No don't I like it!" and I'm convinced it's cause they like that I have a damaged broken heart.

Theoretically. Or visually, at least.

But yea...where should I go party in MIAMI? Let a lady know.

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