Monday, November 19, 2007

when walking alone it becomes kind of romantic

On display in the gallery are pictures from the book Punk 365 by Holly George-Warren. They'll be up til December 30th and you should go look at them if you care about anything. Theresa Kereakes has some photos innit and she's phenomenal times ten. The link is her blog and you should go read it.

The gallery is in the back of this shop I heard all about but kept driving by and never stopped at. Now I will be stopping at Wacko. Yay! For a moment I felt the interior of my next place floating all around the insides of this place The staff was incredibly nice and I got to catch up with Lee who I officially hadn't seen for three years and we realized this because he quit smoking on our last adventure of thrifting in Arizona. He found a Bowie press kit and I found some amazing southwestern jewelry. My boots melted on the pavement there it was disgustingly hot. I also found one record that I held onto but put it back deciding I didn't want to carry it on the plane back to Denver and I've been kicking myself since (I have few regrets) because it was Wind in the Willows which was Deborah Harry's first band. Lee, of course knew this, snatched it up with no regrets. RATS.

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